We Are Just Ghost Videos!

Just Ghost VideosGhost videos are always fun to watch. There is so much in this world that we don’t yet know or fully understand, and ghosts are definitely in that category. Ghost stories and sightings have been around for thousands of years. It’s only modern technology that opens the door to ghost videos. Giving us the ability to record and document these strange encounters, which in many ways only brings more questions than answers.

Also with that new door opened into the mysteries of the beyond comes human exploitation. For every verifiably unexplainable ghost video or image there are many more faked and non-authentic ones. So when watching ghost videos it’s important to remain skeptical and keep a watchful eye. We regularly add new ghost videos throughout the day every day. Some may be authentic, many may not be, but it’s important for the viewer to determine this for themselves. So enjoy, watch with your friends, even the fake ones are fun to watch. Keep an open mind, leave on the night light and have fun.


You can always join the fun

We also have links to affordable and high quality ghost hunting tools and equipment. So let these ghost videos inspire you to create your own. With technology where it is today and as affordable as some of it is becoming there’s nothing stopping you. Grab a camera and go to that abandoned building down the road. Pick up a cheap thermal camera and a tape recorder, get some fun gadgets to help you. Who knows, you may be the one to capture definitive proof. We hope others are inspired to make videos of their own and that one day we’ll share videos inspired by videos seen here.

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