10 Ghosts Caught on Tape | Real Ghost Sightings Caught on Camera

From poltergeists to ghosts supposedly moving objects in real life, this video takes a look at the top 10 ghosts that have been caught on tape. The validity of these videos is up for you to decide, however there is no denying that they will certainly make you wonder.

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Ghosts have appeared continuously throughout both mythology and popular culture. While some people claim to have been haunted by a ghost, others go farther and say they have caught a ghost on camera. Today on ApexTV, we take a look at the top 10 ghost sightings that have been caught on tape. From ghosts moving pillows to a supposed poltergeist, there have been some very strange instances in which alleged ghosts have been caught on tape. Before we get into the video, hit that subscribe button and leave a comment saying “I subscribed!” We will personally reply to your comment. Enter our giveaway also by clicking the link in the description. Now let’s get into the video.

Number ten. This video was sent to us back in May of 2015. It shows what at first appears to be a normal couch, when suddenly a pillow sitting on the couch moves by itself. Is this a real ghost caught on tape? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Number five. This video shows an alleged ghost that was caught on tape at a gas station. The video itself was uploaded to YouTube in August of 2008. It shows a strange blue figure moving across the screen. The blue figure sits in place for over half an hour before flying away.

Number four. This video was taken in a creepy abandoned mansion in California in 2001. It shows the cameraman waving a flashlight around until looking at the doorway. When the camera focuses on the doorway we see a scary humanoid figure standing there. Is this a real ghost?

Number three. Now we look at a video taken in Leeds Castle in England. Legend has it that a 13 month old girl died in the castle over 400 years ago and still haunts it to this day. A blur is seen moving across the screen in the bottom left-hand corner.

Number two. This video shows a few people walking in the Spanish woods until finding what looks like a cross between an alien and a ghost. The creature is first unaware of the people until looking at them with glowing eyes.

Number one. Here is a video recorded by a college student in Vatican City. An orange ghost is seen levitating above the crowd.

Thanks so much for watching our video of the top 10 real ghost sightings that have been caught on tape! Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and subscribe to ApexTV for more videos like this!

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Top 5 Real Ghost Sightings Caught on Tape

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