5 Creepiest Ghost Sightings Caught On Tape

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Check out these five terrifying Ghost clips caught on camera.

What do you think is the best clip? The Spirit of a soldier at the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Battle ground, The Terrifying footage of an apparition seeming to peer over the St. Augustine Lighthouse stairs, The ghost captured in one of the world most haunted prisons, The Eastern State Penitentiary. The creepy spirit of what seems like a Ghost visiting a patient at a Hospital or my very own clip which was taken during a visit to one of the United Kingdoms many Haunted attractions, Longleat House.

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Special Thank you to Co.ag for the amazing background music!

Thanks To Delia & Tom Underwood for the Gettysburg Ghost clip and GhostStudy.Com for the creepy Hospital Spirit Footage.


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