AMAZING Ghosts Caught On Camera (2018)

There are so many amazing ghost videos out there, and by amazing, I mean it’s amazing anyone believes these are real. I seriously need to make an entire video just trying to show you how easy it is to make ghost videos… but that would require effort and I have a lot of anime women I want to look at online instead cause I’m straight.

Anyway, I’m better than you and if you’re reading this, slap yourself and talk to the mirror about how you’ll never be my equal. The only thing less valuable than ghosts are you, and ghosts don’t even exist. Go eat a bowl of cereal, which has more value in this world than your worthless life.

HAHAHA! Anyway, thanks for subscribing, have an awesome day you’re worthless bye.

Oh ni see on no bo-dy likes you!

Booo boooo!

Thanks for supporting my career! Ha ha! I’m a monster.

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