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These are specially custom-made Aura Glasses for INSTANTLY seeing the human aura. They work by blocking out 95% of the color spectrum, leaving only the ultraviolet portion to enter our eyes. It is the ultraviolet portion which helps to define auras and make them very easy to see, compared to viewing them in the full white-light spectrum. My custom-made aura glasses (made from solid plastic frames and high grade optic lenses), are based upon Walter Kilner’s research work and use a similar color tone in the lenses as the special dye he used, making it possible to see auras instantly and very clearly. They are very popular with people who have no prior experience or development of seeing auras, very easily and instantly, and for people wanting to develop their aura viewing ability, for ghost hunting (customers have reported seeing apparitions through the Aura Glasses), and they can also be used as an assistive tool for reiki healing practitioners for helping to scan the auras of their clients. Please be aware that the Aura Glasses are for viewing the ‘BODY/OUTLINE’ of the aura, which when wearing the Aura Glasses appears as a milky-blue sheath around the physical body. They are not meant nor designed to show the details of the aura, such as the individual colors. 99.9% of customers use them successfully and are more than happy with the Aura Glasses, but if for what ever reason you need any guidance and advice from me, just ask! Don’t go leaving negative feedback based on misled assumptions. I am always willing to help people get the most out of the Aura Glasses and if it turns out you still can’t use them properly then simply return them for a full refund. They DO work and are an authentic honest product, and the huge positive feedback from very impressed and satisfied customers worldwide is already testament to that fact. Worldwide postage. User instructions included.See the human aura instantly with these specially made aura glasses
Based on the research of Walter Kilner
User instructions included (English language)
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