Copper Dowsing L Rods Kit: Chakra Pendulum and eBook Included


There are three ways of performing dowsing-using paranormal abilities, using intuition, using tools. The most preferred and widely used way of performing dowsing is using tools. The tools used for dowsing include pendulum, rod, and other similar instruments. An ancient art, dowsing is used for finding buried treasure, metals and water. At times, it is even used for finding missing people. The search for water is known as ‘water witching’ and is carried out using a dowsing rod. The art of dowsing originated during the times of ancient Egypt and has been used ever since.✔ HIGH QUALITY DOWSING KIT INCLUDES: Pair of Dowsing Rods, Layered Chakra Pendulum and eBook Guide To Dowsing!
✔ DOWSING RODS: 4 1/2″ Copper Handles By 14″ Long Make For Very Sensitive Rods.
✔ CHAKRA STACKED PENDULUM: Natural Gemstone Variety Offers Balanced Dowsing Results.
✔ DOWSING eBOOK: Over 35 Pages of Dowsing Instructions and Guides to Quickly Get You Up and Going! eBook will be emailed when item is out for delivery.
✔ Dowsing with Copper L Rods and Pendulums is a Great Way to Practice Your Intuition and Connect With Your Higher Self.

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