EMF Pump for Ghost Hunting


The Photo Listed when you 1st see it, that says, EM Pump on the label is from an old seller that no longer sells that pump, I do not place useless labels on my pumps, they come in a nice black project box, the photo with the 3 Pumps are mine, I currently have in stock, the larger one in the photo, it’s around 4.3 x 3 x 1.5 in size, Amazon won’t let me, nor will they remove the 1st photo you see, click on other sellers to see my pumps, made the same, but with better quality parts than this one, that’s why this one is no longer available, thank you, This comes with no Labels or names on it, we it can also come in a different project box than pictured we buy and build at random depending on product availability, we decided to keep them off and you add your own group or other name labels to it, it comes with only the best quality parts, Super brite Blue or Green Led the brightest leds made, quality motor and strongest magnets, if you prefer a chrome toggle on/off switch and a tripod mount, let me know it’s $2.50 extra for both.Super Brite Blue or Green LED
Strongest Rare Earth magnet used

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