EVP RECORDER Plus GEO-PHONE Paranormal Research Tools


Hearing your first EVP is an amazing experience, and gives you a great story to tell. Imagine how powerful the story will be when others can hear the EVP for themselves because you recorded it!

This quality digital voice recorder is easy to use and has a clear recording sound which is perfect for paranormal work. Very lightweight and compact. Built in mic, speaker and headset jack, with one-touch fast forward, rewind, play and record controls. Powered by a single AAA battery (not included) and has 4GB memory for hours of continuous recording. The MP3 audio files are easily uploaded to your computer. Use with free downloadable sound software such as Audacity to review, clip, clean up, and analyze your recordings. Upload the results to the internet if you like!

Recording EVP is a little like fishing: it takes patience and there are no guarantees that you will get some. But no paranormal investigation would be complete without at least one digital voice recorder to capture disembodied voices and EVPs. Very economical for all the features that you get!

But that’s not all. You also get the Geo-Phone!

Vibrations carry interesting information. The Geo-Phone, when placed against a hard surface, will translate those vibrations into an electric signal which can be heard and/or recorded and analyzed. Listen directly with the supplied earbuds. Or connect 3.5 mm stereo output jack to your EVP recorder to log the information for later review (separate cable required).

Volume is adjustable. Rechargeable. Runs for about 12 hours per charge, recharges in about 3 hours. Operating Temperature: -20°to 50°C.

In paranormal research, it could be a revolution in collecting EVP. Hold the Geo-Phone to stair steps, or flooring to listen for unseen feet. Listen at windows of abandoned buildings. Check gravestones, church walls, wooden beams, even rock formations for vibrations from the “other side”.get 2 devices in this offer
record EVP (electronic voice phenomena)
detect and analyze vibration
popular ghost hunting tools
easy to learn and use

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