Ghost Hunting Paranormal Equipment – Trigger Prop Proximity Sensor Alarm REM Pod Like Device with Free Bear Prop


The Proximity Sensor Alarm Trigger Bear contains a REM POD Like Device that features a proximity detection alarm and the audio alarm is triggered when the device is touched, moved, or senses the slightest interaction within 6 inches from it. The device will come with free props including a free bear. Bear will come in a variation of four shades of brown. On the reverse side of the bear where Proximity Alarm is device is kept, the opening is kept together with a clasp and/or safety pin. If user wants Velcro closure sewed on, message seller for inquiry or put your own Velcro on. This listing is for proximity device only. Bear is free!Proximity sensor alarm REM POD Like Device
Detects if something is near and responds with audio alarm
Proximity audio alarm is 100 decibels and sounds when something is close
Sensitivity range is up to 6 inches
Free bear prop included or use to contact children spirits on paranormal investigations

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