Hunting Ghosts: A Paranormal Investigator’s Guide

Attention Beginning Paranormal Investigators – Learn Ghost Hunting the right way!

Written with the novice ghost hunter in mind, this book gives you the basic knowledge and tools necessary to kick-start your journey into the always interesting and sometimes scary world of the Paranormal Investigator.

An absolute Must Have for your paranormal library…….

Here you’ll learn the importance of honing your observational skills, thinking outside the box, and developing your own investigative style; instead of simply following the herd.

What are ghosts? What equipment do I need? Why is thorough research so important? What are EVP’s? How do I protect myself from malicious spirits? “Hunting Ghosts: A Paranormal Investigator’s Guide” answers all those questions and more in a manner designed to get you to engage the greatest single piece of ghost hunting equipment you have – your brain.

Do you have what it takes to be a TRUE self-motivated and self-directed professional paranormal investigator? If so, just Click that little Buy Button to start.

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