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Hey! Welcome to my channel. My name is Taylor Alesia! I turned to social media when I was only 13 years old because I was having trouble fitting in at school which brought me to search for an outlet. I started live-streaming and before I knew it everyone was using my photos online for ‘catfishing.’ This brought me to make my own Instagram page so people knew that was me in the photos! This then took me to become an Instagram model with over 400K followers in only a few months! From then on I moved on to becoming a muser and hit 1.8 MILLION followers in less than a year! Carried on to YouTube – and here we are with 1M+ .
As you can tell .. social media has been a very big part of my life for a long time and it is something I am sincerely passionate about. I love filming and taking photos of everything I can get my hands on. Most importantly.. I love the family that I have built on social media across various platforms. So SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON, be apart of our family and come along for the ride. It’s only up from here 🙂

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