Mysterious Event Caught On CCTV Camera. Demon, Ghost Or Poltergeist? Haunted Doll. Scary.

There are many un-explained phenomenon in this universe that we are not able to explain because for us it is not the norm. But then what is the norm? Just some rules and regulations that we follow or perceive. I believe there are some questions that we will never get an answer. Can we prove that we are real or what we see around us– rivers trees, buildings etc are these real? Or they are what we believe is real. We do not know what happens to our soul after death, where does it go? Why do we still remember pervious life after death? Is there anything like heaven or hell? Are these Gods aliens who had visited us and even stayed amongst us? Those fying saucers that are mentioned in ancient scriptures all around the world could not be false.

There are many forces that we are unaware of and we have not explored this dimension as yet. I believe these ghosts. demons or poltergeists I believe are real but from a different dimension.

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