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Bhoot (film)

For other uses, see Bhoot (disambiguation).

Bhoot (English: Ghost) is an award-winning 2003 Indian supernatural horror film. It was directed byRam Gopal Varma and stars Ajay Devgan and Urmila Matondkar. It was the second horror film made by Ram Gopal Verma after Raat. [1]It was perceived to be different from a typical Bollywood movie as it did not contain songs. It was later dubbed in Telugu as 12 Va Anthasthu and remade in Tamil as Shock. The film was a box-office hit.[2] Urmila won several accolades and awards for her performance as a ghost possessed wife. Verma made a sequel called Bhoot Returns which was released on 12 October 2012.[3]


Directed by

Ram Gopal Varma

Produced by

Nitin Manmohan


Ajay Devgan
Urmila Matondkar
Fardeen Khan
Nana Patekar
Seema Biswas
Victor Banerjee

Music by



Vishal Sinha

Release date

30 May 2003

Running time

119 minutes






₹10 crore (equivalent to ₹26 crore or US$4.0 million in 2016)

Box office

₹33 crore (equivalent to ₹85 crore or US$13 million in 2016)


The story is about Vishal (Ajay Devgn) who is married to Swati (Urmila Matondkar). The couple rents a high rise apartment at a ridiculously low price. The caretaker of the apartment, Mr Thakkar (Amar Talwar) explains to Vishal that a widow named Manjeet Khosla (Barkha Madan), the previous resident, committed suicide after killing her own son. Vishal hides this fact from Swati, as she will object to buying such a residence. But Mr.Thakkar accidentally slips in the secret.

Swati is livid at Vishal, although he disbelieves the notions of ghosts and bad luck. Then, Swati starts behaving strangely. Vishal consults Dr Rajan (Victor Banerjee). But soon enough, Vishal witnesses Swati killing the watchman of the apartment in a supernatural way, and his skepticism is rudely challenged. Inspector Qureshi(Nana Patekar), who reaches the apartment to investigate the death, becomes suspicious of the duo and their strange behaviour. He follows Vishal and Dr. Rajan.

Vishal’s maid witnesses Swati shouting and throwing Vishal away. She helps him tie her. She tells him that Swathi was shouting like Manjeet and tells him that an exorcist can help her but not doctors. Finally, Vishal’s maid calls an exorcist named Sarita (Rekha). Sarita sees the ghosts of Manjeet and her son. She advises Vishal to meet Manjeet’s mother (Tanuja), since she can placate her daughter’s spirit. Vishal complies and meets Manjeet’s mother. He learns from Manjeet’s mother that Manjeet was not the type of woman who would commit suicide. He explains the situation to her and asks her help. She comes with him and somehow placates Manjeet’s spirit. They come to know that Mr.Thakkar’s son, Sanjay (Fardeen Khan) tries to molest Manjeet and when she resists she accidentally falls off the balcony and dies. Hence, Sarita advises Vishal to call him. Vishal makes an unknown call to Sanjay and tells him that his father is sick. When Sanjay arrives, Vishal cleverly tells Mr. Thakkar and Sanjay to help him take Swathi to the hospital.

It is then revealed that many years ago, Sanjay came to visit his father and lusted for Manjeet, after he saw her in the apartment. He broke into her house, and attempted to profess his lust, but when she rejected him, he pushed her and she accidentally fell off the balcony and died. Manjeet’s young son witnessed the murder, upon which Sanjay hired the watchman to kill him. Manjeet, who has still possessed Swati’s body, sees Sanjay and chases him. Qureshi tries to stop her, having no idea of the real story. Swathi tries to kill Sanjay by strangulating him. But, Sarita asks Manjeet to leave him as the blame will come upon Swathi.

Sanjay escapes, only to find himself surrounded by Vishal, Sarita, Manjeet and Qureshi who now knows the truth. A terrified Sanjay confesses to the crimes, upon which Manjeet’s mother urges her to stop. Sanjay is arrested by Inspector Qureshi, and thrown into jail. Manjeet leaves Swati’s body, and Vishal and Swati live a good life in the apartment. Meanwhile, in the lockup, Qureshi tells Sanjay that death sentences are light penalties for a criminal like him. He wishes that Sanjay gets a bigger punishment. After Qureshi leaves the darkened cell, Sanjay finds himself face to face with Manjeet. He starts begging for mercy, but his voice soon fades out as Manjeet draws closer; it is implied that she kills Sanjay.


Urmila Matondkar … Swati

Ajay Devgan … Vishal

Nana Patekar … Inspector Liyaqat Qureshi

Rekha … Sarita

Fardeen Khan … Sanjay Thakkar

Tanuja … Mrs. Khosla

Seema Biswas … Bai

Victor Banerjee … Dr. Rajan

Barkha Madan … Manjeet Khosla

Master Akshit … Manjeet’s Son

Rajendra Sethi … Mr. Patil

Amar Talwar … Mr. Thakkar

Shabbir Masani … Watchman


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