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Scariest Ghosts Videos Ever Caught on Tape and scary ghost videos 2016. Scary poltergeist attack videos and ghost sightings are common if you know where to look for it. Searching for evidence that ghosts exists? Look no further. Here are some real ghost footage.

Scary ghost videos for kids 2016. Paranormal caught on tape.

Are ghosts real? Judge for yourself. We have featured some scary ghost attack videos where real ghost attack people as well as poltergeist attack videos where poltergeist caught on tape are shown for your entertainment. These are REAL ghost videos and ghosts caught on camera from all over the world.

List of ghost footage used in this video:

1. Indian Man encounters ghosts right next to him in India Haunted Hostel Bed. Ghost appears mysteriously next to him as he sleeps, when he lifts up the blanket to find the ghost, it disappears. 00:03

2. Ghost Attack Caught On CCTV in office stairwell. Ghost pushes man down stairs as man and his friends walk down the dark and creepy staircase. 01:10

3. Poltergeist attacks woman in hotel caught on tape. Blocking exit with objects in this chilling poltergeist attack scene. The poltergeist caught on tape knocks woman unconscious as the ghost attacks the helpless woman with a table 01:45

4. Car hits ghost in Malaysian Carpark in creepy road ghost video. A Malaysian driver and his passenger friend thought they hit a real person when they were driving in this haunted carpark. Turns out, it was a spirit! Check out this scary videos at 02:25

5. Poltergeist drags man in his sleep and kills him in poltergeist attack caught on cctv video. He should have believed them when they said his house is haunted as this creepy poltergeist attacks a human being to death! Real ghost attack! Ghost Videos, Real Ghost Videos 02:57

6. Haunted hotel security guard finds gruesome scene in haunted hotel room caught on cctv. Well known and famous haunted hotel caught on cctv footage their hired security checking out a room that was claimed to be haunted. The poltergeist left the furniture in a mess and the shower was still on, scaring the guard in this extremely creep real life scary ghost video 03:20

7.Ghost sighting in abandoned building shows creepy woman staring out of a window in a haunted abandoned building. In a real life ghost scene which reminds us of japanese horror ghost movies, a woman with long hair, dressed in white can be seen looking out of a haunted abandoned building with scary eyes, looking directly into the video camera in this real scary ghost footage. 04:24

8. Man levitates in his sleep as ghost lifts him up to the air in creepy paranormal activity home footage. The man can be seen literally lifted 5 feet up into the air as he slept. This scary scene is recorded 05:51

9. Man possessed by ghosts caught on tape in real life at convenience store CCTV footage. A man was just buying drinks in a normal way at a convenience store when he is suddenly possessed by a jinn spirit and he started behaving like a zombie. Somebody call the exorcist! 06:10

10. Ghost spirit enters house and trolls man sleeping in his bed caught on camera. The spirit enters by the window and pulls away the blanket in this chilling scene caught on tape 07:15

11. Ghost spirit rises up from dead body in haunted hospital in Japan. Scary Japanese ghost video is unveiled as a spirit can be seen on camera rising from a dead body in this scary ghost video recorded in a haunted hospital in Japan 09:24

Are these the scariest ghost caught on tape ever? Scary ghost attack where humans are being physically abused and HURT and in some cases even possessed by spirits are evident in these ghost videos.

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Our channel features some of the scariest ghost videos 2016 on youtube. If you like a scare, or if you want proof that ghosts exist, this is the place. This video features some scary ghost videos in real life that makes kids cry.

Are people possessed by jinn’s or ghosts? Or perhaps demons? Let us know in the comments below if you think ghosts are real. Do you think these ghost video footage are real? Do you think these scary ghost videos are doctored and edited? Or are they real ghost attack videos? Remember to tell your ghost stories in the comments section below.

All CCTV footage shown in this video are rights of their owners and we comply with fair use policies.

WARNING: These are real ghost footage that may be disturbing to some people. DO NOT WATCH if you do not want to watch scary videos or hate real ghost videos. These are videos of haunted locations, haunted houses and videos of poltergeist throwing objects around the room.

Which is the best ghost video ever? Let me know which you think is the scariest ghost video caught on camera in 2016.

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