Trifield Natural EM Meter


As you encounter a field a tone will go off and the needle will move to give you a reading. So you can use the Natural EM meter as a “Ghost Alarm” to monitor a room. As seen on GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL.
The Natural EM meter is so sensitive that it can detect a person or animal approaching the meter. You can test this yourself by turning the setting to Electric and place the meter away from you and then walk up close to hit and approach it with your hand and you will see how the needle will start moving indicating it is taking a reading from our very low EM field. A paranormal entity is believed to have a much higher electric charge. The electric charge of a spirit is believed to be strong enough to be clearly measured by the EM meter, creating a significant spike in the reading. Keeping the volume knob turned to max will be sure to alert you when a spirit passes by the Natural EM meter. Be it left over energy or the presence of an intelligent presence of the consciousness from a human that has passed on. BEST OF ALL IS THAT YOU CAN BE SURE THAT THE SOURCE IS FROM A NATURAL BIOLOGICAL EM ENERGY SOURCE AND NOT FROM ANY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES OR WIRING. Our reccommendation is for paranormal reaserach is to keep the setting at Electrical.Natural EM meter is frequently seen used by well respected paranormal researchers Loyd Auerbach.
Meter will not go off at all for electromagnetic fields from electronic equipments, AC fields.
It will alert you of extremely weak static fields, these are referred to as DC fields.
Choose between electric & magnetic, measure changes in electric or magnetic DC fields @ same time
Our reccommendation is for paranormal reaserach is to keep the setting at Electrical.

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